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            Birmingham Museums Trust

            Find out about Birmingham Museums Trust and our vision to reflect Birmingham to the world, and the world to Birmingham. We are a registered charity and our core purpose is to showcase our outstanding collections and venues to inspire learning, creativity and enjoyment for the people of Birmingham and visitors to the region.
            Latest news

            Staffordshire Hoard Helmets Revealed for Public Display

            Research reveals approximately a third of the fragments in the Staffordshire Hoard come from a very high-status helmet. Helmets of its kind are rare – the Staffordshire Hoard helmet is one of a ve...

            Inspire 19 Now Open!

            This is the fourth year of our Inspire youth art competition for 5-19 year olds. In 2018 we received 401 entries, the most so far! We can’t wait to see what the young artists of the region create n...